Feeling Foxy

I have a Jack Russell Terrier and she is called Tilly. She reminds me of Basil Brush the children’s television fox puppet from the 70’s – anyone remember him?

My Jack Russell Tilly and I - she reminds me of Basil Brush
My Jack Russell Tilly and I – she reminds me of Basil Brush

Anyway – I love foxes as they have such beautiful faces and have painted them many times.

Here are a few.


If you’d like to try painting a simple fox here is a demo to do in watercolour – have fun!

Fox 1 copy Fox 1

4 thoughts on “Feeling Foxy

  1. I love foxes, too! You have a special way of capturing them.
    I have a dog who reminds me of a fox, too; he’s a Yorkshire Terrier! I’ve honestly always wanted a pet fox. Have you ever looked up videos of them on YouTube? There’s this one where these two foxes got into someone’s yard and were jumping on their trampoline. So cute! 🙂

  2. Thanks for this demo Alison! I love foxes too and have often thought I’d like to try to paint one so I’ll enjoy trying your demo.
    Sadly, here in Australia foxes are a major pest – one of a number of introduced species whose population exploded and these beautiful creatures now pay the price for man’s folly.
    Love your blog and have often thought how much fun it looks having painting lessons in your house in Wales!
    Cheers, Anne

    1. Hi Anne

      That’s so kind of you and I wish you were able to pop over for lessons too! Still – I hope you will enjoy trying this one. I didn’t know that about foxes in Australia – man interfering again! A x

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