Some New Faces

This last few months I have been painting new types of animals including some lovely tropical fish.

fish angel ETSY 2 fish angel ETSY fish daring ETSY DARK_edited-1 fish dashing ETSY DARK copy

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Painting these is such fun as the colours are very different to my usual animals – below are some pictures of the process and the finished works.


There is also a cute little brown bear in there aswell as a sweet duck.

"Teddy Bear" 8x10 inch watercolour art print
“Teddy Bear” 8×10 inch watercolour art print

She was quite hard to paint as she is white – always difficult on watercolour paper – the only way around it is to paint some pale colours for the outline and leave some parts of her inside body unpainted:)

Watercolour duck print 8x10 inches "Emily Enquires"
Watercolour duck print 8×10 inches “Emily Enquires”

To browse these new animals and my whole range please hop over to – enjoy!

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