Garden Delight – Abbey Gardens, Malmsbury

Had a perfect day out yesterday. My friend Anne and I went to the Abbey Gardens in Malmsbery, Somerset.

P1140902 P1140915 P1140932

We try to make it to a stately home and gardens at least twice a year and this trip was so lovely. Only an hour or so’s drive from home we headed out on a perfect day – sunny but not too hot with a slight breeze now and then.

P1140906 P1140910 P1140914

Here are some shots of the gardens. The air was full of the scent of roses and other flowers. One rose in particular smelled out of this world – we think it is a Gertrude Jekyll …


We had  a lovely cup (mug) of tea and a freshly made cake each ( I had carrot and Anne had coffee) before then wandering down to the river walk – completely shrouded with greenery and trees and shrubs of all kinds. The ponds were still and covered with lily pads and there was even a stepping stone bridge.

P1140922 P1140928

Huge fish including koi and sturgeon were in the Stew pond right by the cafe and one the the staff was feeding them by hand – I have never seen such huge fish!

What I loved was the Cotswold architecture – especially the casement windows – imagine living here!!

P1140933 P1140934 P1140935 P1140936The town itself was so sleepy and quiet. The roofline probably hadn’t changed for over 500 years and the clutter of cottages cascading along the roads was so pretty.


Had lunch in this old pub – lovely atmosphere and dogs allowed so we got friendly with a spaniel and a schnauser!

P1140938 P1140939 P1140945 P1140947

We had lunch in a very old pub called The Smoking Dog and the ambled back to the garden for one more sit in the  garden under a gazebo – enjoying the relaxing atmosphere and the flowers.


It was the summer solstice too and so they day seemed lovely and long…


As usual I hope to paint some of the scenes I saw and so watch this space!





6 thoughts on “Garden Delight – Abbey Gardens, Malmsbury

  1. Breathtaking pictures…looks like you had such a wonderful day! I envy you so much, living in the country that I love. I have to go back there again!!

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