Painting Beetroots as a still life in gouache

For a bit of fun I decided that I would have a go at painting a bunch of beetroots in gouache – in an illustrative, quirky style.


I drew the beets right onto the stretched watercolor paper freehand without too much detail.

Then I painted in the beetroots using purple reds.



over watercolour in that you can add light hues over darks.


This is a real joy to me and so I revelled in adding paler whitish purples on top of the deep ones – FUN!

After I had finished the leaves I left it for a day or two.


I kept getting orange red coming into my head whenever I thought about the painting – especially when out walking the dog.

So I bit the bullet and blocked in a very orange red colour – adding splashes of water and of white to break the solidity up a bit.

I hope you like the result!


To purchase this original painting click here –

2 thoughts on “Painting Beetroots as a still life in gouache

  1. Nice one Alison!  Have been toying with the idea of  ‘having a go’ with gouache.  Going to hunt out my box of gouache paints for a try out.  (Here I go again – off on another tangent!)

     Best Wishes Margaret


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