Top 5 New Watercolour Materials and Equipment to acquire!

Tis the season to go spending and whilst I have a limited amount with which to splurge there are 5 items that have been spiralling around in my artist’s head to acquire for many months now!

1) Some Maimeriblu watercolours. I have been using the fabulous Winsor & Newton almost exclusively now for over a year and want somethingh fresh! Some new bold Hue! And I think I have found it in these 3 colours by Maimeriblu.

Mouth-watering colours from Maimeriblu!

2) An Isabey mop brush in a size I don’t already have yet – possibly a “00”

Exquisite brushes that hold a tonne of water and pigment yet hold the finest sharpest point ever!

3) Some St Cuthbert’s Mill paper – always a delight to work on. I feel like royalty when I use this paper!

Yummy, rich, textured paper to die for! The watercolourist’s dream

4) I just cannot get this little watercolour field box out of my head. It would be a real splurge as it is expensive and I would hardly ever use it as I rarely paint outdoors – BUT – it is so dinky!

Winsor & Newton watercolour field box

5) …and finally I would love to get some serious studio lighting to allow me to paint late into the night!

Are you a painter?

If so – what top 5 things would you splurge on right now?

Comments below please!

2 thoughts on “Top 5 New Watercolour Materials and Equipment to acquire!

  1. I love that watercolour paper too – and would love to try some daniel smith watercolours as so many people rave about them – but they are soooo expensive! I’ve just bought two new escoda kolinsky sable brushes but not particularly happy with them – a decent palette would be wonderful as I use kids paint palettes – I’ve got a day light as I mostly paint in the evening after work and would highly recommend it!

    1. Hi Sharon – do you know I don’t find expensive brushes to be that brilliant either! My current brushes that I use daily are Ken Bromley Artist Value brushes! Cheap and synthetic but the do what I need. That said I do also use 3 Isabey squirrel mops in different sizes but there is such a lot of snobbery around brushes!

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