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Author Kate Kinchen
Author K. D. Kinchen

When Alison offered me the opportunity to write a guest-blog for her blog I was, of course, very touched and flattered and immediately jumped at the chance. However, as I sat down to begin penning the piece, I was struck by a bit of a quandary. What do I write? Alison is an artist, I am a writer. What common ground is there? What could I write about that would interest her readers? Writing and art, although creative, are very different worlds.

Buy Darkest Hour by Kate Kinchen!
Buy “Darkest Hour” by K. D. Kinchen!

But it was as I was contemplating their differences that I begin to notice more and more similarities also. Both are creative mediums. Alison paints with watercolour, I paint with words. Both myself and Alison’s job is to inspire and capture the imagination of those to whom our work appeals. Alison will evoke emotions and memories with her beautiful prints, perhaps even create a daydream in the mind of her viewers. I spirit my readers away to a different locale, a different viewpoint and entertain them with the exploits of my characters.

“Evil Brewing” by K.D. Kinchen – available in one click here!

At this point I would like to thank Alison for her role in where I am now. She has been a massive inspiration to me; a friend first and foremost, but also a huge inspiration and, one could say, my creative guru. She followed her heart into painting full time and through tribulations which would have seen most mere mortals give up and admit defeat, she has emerged triumphant time and time again. Every time I went to see her for a cuppa and a chat I would come home recharged with creative go-get-‘em, chomping at the bit to get on with my latest novel, and also hankering after yet another one of her paintings… It is comforting to have found a kindred creative spirit.

Me stomping around the grounds at Harrogate Crime Writing Festival!
Me stomping around the grounds at Harrogate Crime Writing Festival!

When I was five I fell in love with stories and by eight I was writing my own, albeit on folded A4 paper with crayons, but still, the impetus was there. At seventeen I began my first full length novel, but somewhere along the way I ended up thinking that I couldn’t write for a living, that I would need a ‘proper’ job. My writing fell by the wayside and it wasn’t until I lost my ‘Uncle’ Harry to prostate cancer, he was only fifty nine, did my writing bug return. For the last nine years I have been writing in my spare time and working towards getting published. I came close, frustratingly close, with my fourth novel. But, I did receive some wonderful feedback from a top London agent, so I have not given up hope. What I have done though, is to self publish my early works. They were just sitting on my hard drive, gathering cyber-dust, so I have released them into the world to earn their keep. My novels have picked up some great comments and praise from professionals in the industry along the way, so why not publish them myself?

Evil Brewing is my first self-published release and centres around Alexis Holton, a young Brewing Supervisor who moves to London and unintentionally places herself on the radar of a serial killer in the capital. It is a woman-in-jeopardy crime/suspense novel.

Darkest Hour is again a woman-in-jeopardy crime thriller, which follows Eva Rivera as her world is turned upside-down when she witnesses an assassination. Walking her dog, she is unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and is soon running for her life as those who orchestrated the hit try to remove the sole witness to their crime.

Taking a leaf out of Alison’s book, I have left full-time work to dedicate myself to my writing and pursuing my dream. It is a bit of a leap of faith, but I think after sixteen years of ‘proper’ jobs I can now allow myself to follow my heart. I am a published writer, yes I am self-published, but my work is out there. This may not be entirely the path I had envisaged, but I am excited to see where it leads and I know that regardless of what happens, Alison will be there with a cuppa, biscuit and sympathetic ear and I will no doubt walk away from our meet with a bounce in my step and my writing mojo buoyed by her effervescent love of all things creative.

Note from Alison – well this post is such an inspiration and a breath of fresh air! I hope it motivates all you would be writers to get pen to paper!

Thank you Kate. For more information, please do check out K.D.’s website. She can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads.




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