Painting Dogs in Watercolour

Just lately I have been commissioned to paint a Chihuahua and an Alsatian (German Shepherd) in watercolour.

I am a professional artist based in Pontypridd, South Wales, UK and take dog portrait commissions.

If you would like more details please contact me – Alison Fennell – via my email –

Prices start at £75 plus p&p for an original dog portrait at size 8×10 inches.

To view one on my online gallery click HERE!

dog chi te

Both are very different subjects as the Chihuahua has very smooth fur while the Alsatian is a lot rougher.

"Beauty" - original watercolour dog portrait by Alison Fennell - 11x14 inches
“Beauty” – original watercolour dog portrait by Alison Fennell – 11×14 inches

They were both a delight and a challenge to paint as I felt a real connection to both dogs.

P1160430 P1160432 P1160433 P1160434 P1160442

I love dogs and want to express that in my paintings. That’s why I always pay a lot of attention to their eyes.

dog chi te copy 2

Painting the eyes for me means looking hard at all the many layers of folds of skin and the shadows and eyelashes and the moist glistening line that surrounds them.

eye dog alsatian eye dog lab eye french bulldog

I try to create a watery orb effect by using a speck of opaque white watercolour mixed with some violet and then let that run.

Here are some of my step by step tutorial sheets if you would like to try painting a dog in watercolour.

Jack demo

P1110242 P1110243 P1110244 P1110245 P1110247

The Alsatian is called Beauty and she was 9 months old and from South Wales, while the Chihuahua is called Charlie and is about 2. He was recently adopted by a lovely family at the Tri Valley Animal Rescue in Pleasanton, California.

To view their site click HERE!

My watercolour dog tutorials have featured in this month’s issue of Leisure Painter magazine and the demo is quite simple to follow along!

My watercolour dog tutorial as seen in August 2015 edition of Leisure Painter Magazine
My watercolour dog tutorial as seen in August 2015 edition of Leisure Painter Magazine


If you live in the Pontypridd or Cardiff area I have two classes – one in Tongwynlais and one in Tonteg.

Please email me for all the details! of find me on Facebook –

Both are drop in classes for all levels – see you there!

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