New Paintings this Week – watercolour dogs and a watercolour hare

Had a busy week this week completing two more watercolour dog commissions.

dog haagen smaller copy

I also painted a hare in a midnight countryside scene as one of my demos for my weekly art class.

hare midnight oi etsyct

I loved painting this grand old corgi as his face and eyes are so full of joy and love.

I used pale watercolour washes of Raw Sienna, Winsor Violet and Cerulean Blue to start and added increasingly darker versions as the painting progressed.

I let each wash dry before adding the next.

I really let loose with the richness in the eyes though as they were the focal point. I used rich Burnt Sienna for the irises and added French Ultramarine Blue plus Burnt Umber for the pupils and eyelines. The a touch of Winsor Violet plus opaque white added the final white highlights.

dog dane

With the spotted Great Dane watercolour I used pale washes of Raw Sienna and Cobalt Blue to start then added stronger shadows to start building form in the face.

Facebook banner copyu Graet Dane 1 Graet Dane 2_edited-1

For the midnight hare I used masking fluid to preserve my imaginary weeds and wildflowers and used and inkly blue for the sky – remembering to loft out a frosty moon silhouette with a thirsty brush before that watercolour wash dries.

Then I painted the hare in raw sienna and raw umber and added shadows with a touch of blue.

You can see my step by step watercolour tutorial sheets for the hare and the great dane. Have a try if you like but please do not then list your painting online to sell as that is breaking my copyright. This demo is for your educational purposes only!

If you want to watch my basic YouTube videos on it – click here –

More paintings soon – Alison

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