This Week’s Art


This week has seen a lot of art being made:)

  • Tuesday daytime – I was teaching my Art Spirit Painter’s Group how to paint a tall ship
  • Tuesday evening I was doing a watercolour horse demonstration to Sully Art Group
  • Friday afternoon was spent with my growing Tonteg Art Spirit Painter’s group where we painted a Moroccan doorway


  • on Saturday morning I gave a one to one foxglove watercolour workshop to Chris – a lovely lady and one of my Tuesday class.

Below I include the links to some of the videos made during the workshops and demos plus some of the finished results – enjoy!

Click on this image to see videos on how to paint it via my YouTube channel
Feel free to try this demo yourself
Feel free to try this demo yourself

Horse 2 Horse 3 horse appears

The horse was painted in watercolour using a limited palette of Burnt Sienna, French Ultramarine Blue, Burnt Umber, and some final passages of Cadmium Red Deep and Cerulean Blue for contrast. I worked wet into wet in the early stages to create soft washes and then worked tighter and smaller on details as the painting progressed.

At Friday’s group we travelled to Morocco and painted a hot orange doorway with lovely curves and palms to frame the scene.

I used Winsor Orange and Rose Madder Genuine and then Cobalt Blue for the dark washes and shadows. I didn’t feel the need to paint the palms green but kept them in a complementary shade to tie in with the overall colour range of the painting.

We had done a lot of tight work in previous weeks and so felt this slightly expressionist and suggestive project would be a change of pace!

When I got home I decided that I would add some pastel to my watercolour. Here is the end result.

“Sultry Shadows” original mixed media painting 9×11 inches – pastel and watercolour by Alison Fennell

Finally – on Saturday it was a focussed session with Chris to look at foxgloves. We worked wet into wet to give a loose impression in the early stages and then added finer and harder details as we progressed. Chris took home more polished skills and a fabulously delicate foxglove watercolour.


Here is the step by step if you wish to try it out.

Have a go of painting this yourself!
Have a go of painting this yourself!
foxglove 2 deep
Have a go of painting this yourself!

That’s all for this week – happy painting and CONVO me with any questions about watercolour! Alison

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