Mad About the Koi, watercolor koi paintings

Just recently I had a hankering to paint those gorgeous koi carp.

fish koi 2 copy

Their dramatic and wild orange red splotches against the white of their body were just begging to be captured in watercolour.

I imagined painting them fast and loose at the early stages using wet into wet technique.

That was what I did and it was a thrilling experience. I loved how the orange scarlet Winsor and Newton watercolour tube paint spread deliciously over the paper.

Early wet into wet stages in and bleeding softly



Once I had the early vague, organic washes in I then added a darker hue on top to add a second dimension of depth to those markings.

This process of building is very satisfying.

Then I dried the whole fish and added more texture wet on dry.

Here are some items that I created to sell on my Society6 art shop – for the koi or fish lover they could make a perfect gift.

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If you want to see my free teaching videos on how to paint then click here!


I then went on to paint the koi at 4 art classes and demos and my art students did them very well indeed.

Here are some examples –

The originals are for sale here if you love real paintings for your home.

fish koi 2 copy
To purchase – click this link –



To purchase fish below please click this link – fish koi 2.jpg


Thanks for reading

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