Painting Birds in Watercolour

If you love animals and work in watercolour no doubt you will probably have tried painting birds.

EKM  birds

The endless array of species of beautiful birds will keep us painting for  a lifetime and watercolour lends itself perfectly to capture the feather colours and textures with ease.

You can use flowing wet into wet techniques in the early stages of painting birds; adding darker colours to strengthen tones as you go and finally adding details wet on dry or by using dry brush techniques at the final stages of your painting.

Magpies make fabulous subjects because of the dramatic contrast in tones in their black and white plumage and the iridescent feathers glistening in green, purple and blue!



bird magpie twig
an original watercolour magpie – 8×10 inches


I would always recommend stretching your watercolour paper first so that when you paint your wren, eagle, flamingo, seagull etc you will have a perfectly flat and well-behaved piece of paper!

To view my YouTube videos on painting the above goose – click here –

There is nothing worse that paper cockling into peaks and troughs as you paint!

to see my peacock video click here –


Here are some watercolor birds I have painted. To view my online watercolour bird gallery click here –


I enjoy capturing birds expressions and antics! I hope you do too.

Feel free to have a go at my step by step tutorials and there are links to several of my bird YouTube tutorials as well.

Just click on the images below to make them larger or request them via my email –

robin 1robin 2

owl 2owl 1pheasant strip.jpg

Any questions? Please contact me at and I’ll be happy to help you get to painting birds in watercolour.

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