Linocutting with Erasers



Having wanted to have a go at lino-cutting for a couple of years I finally decided to give it a try with little outlay to see if it was as much fun I as I thought it would be.

I had long admired linocut cards by artists and thought it would be fun to stamp away using shapes/designs of my own and make batches of pretty handmade cards.

I just never got around to it.


It was all finally sparked off when last week I came across a wonderful Dutch artist called Gertie Jaquet in the magazine Flow (a must read for arty crafy dreamer types!).Gertie uses pencil erasers as the material from which to cut her designs. So simple!



So I shelled out on a cheap set of interchangeable blades, a batch of plain and some kid’s erasers and a set of cheap inking pads.

Everything arrived a day or so ago but the cutting kit was so unusable and badly made that I had to give it to my dad to fix in his workshop! (Moral of the story – do not buy mega cheap – you get what you pay for!).

So after a quick rummage in my art image folders I found some drawings of mistletoe that I had done a few years back for a wreath that I painted in watercolour. The image fitted just nicely on one of the erasers so I set to work.


Within a few minutes I had cut away all the surplus rubber from around my dainty mistltoe sprig! I only managed to nick my finger a little bit!

Next to choose a colour for the leaves so I chose green. I pressed it on the stamp and then pressed my design on some paper et viola! Thrilled and excited I then used the end of a Bic pen dipped in white acrylic paint to add the white berries of the mistletoe. Then that was it – the gloves were off and I launched into trying lots of other colours and rummaged again and got a second spring to draw and then cut!


I know that soon this will become a new addiction as already my brain is working overtime on thinking up ways of buying bulk rubber offcuts in larger sizes and doing 2, 3 or even 4 colour combos!

Watch this space.

Meantime – this is such fun – all the things we never really had time to enjoy in art class in school because we had a syllabus to get through.

Well now is my time to indulge – so – see you!

To see Gertie’s work – click HERE and for Flow Magazine click HERE!




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