Fashion Illustration – with watercolour


Meet the fashion illustrators!

This week in my Friday watercolour class in Tonteg, South Wales we did a retro sewing pattern cover illustration.

The models were two 50’s women in fitted bodice blouses and wide flouncy skirts. This was a photographic image.

We started with the face using a flesh coloured wash of rose madder genuine and raw sienna. To make delicate shadows on the face we added French ultramarine blue in forensic amounts to that.

Then the bodice was painted simply in French ultramarine blue and burnt umber as was her hair. The skirt involved painting wet into wet and adding soft grey blues and then when dry adding harder folds and shadows.


It was a change from our usual fare and judging by the fact that at times I couldn’t hear a pin drop as everyone painted away I think it went down well!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are some shots of our busy bees.

If you want to join us please email me at or call 07415 801 844.

We meet from 1.30-4.30pm in Tonteg Community Centre which has ample parking.


Talking of BRUSHES! here are some random class shots featuring everyone’s paints and brushes – enjoy:)

Meantime here is my free YouTube watercolour channel where you can watch all sorts of tutorials in the comfort of your own home without me nagging you:).

Just click on the image below to go there.



2 thoughts on “Fashion Illustration – with watercolour

  1. Love seeing this throw-back to my younger days. My mom always sewed for my sister and me, and your pattern cover watercolor brings back great memories.
    Thanks, Alison…

    1. That’s lovely to hear Judy – my mum always had sewing patterns and used an old Singer sewing machine to make her clothes when she was a jiver! Love the elegant style of that time x

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