Know Your Onions


…and turnips and other earthy things like wheelbarrows.


a random wheelbarrow – just warming up – drawing in graphix orange marker on brown cardstock and adding white acrylic and then gouache to form barrow and flowers – plus dots

It is really hard sometimes to set aside time to just totally play isn’t it?

As soon as I think I can get down to just doodling and using different media in unusual ways to get my creativity going I realise that I have x,y,z task that MUST be done.

Above are some let loose onions I did today – working from the “live” onion.

I am glad though today that I just said “bugger it” and retreated to my art room and started to mess about with simple sketches of onions and then moved on to turnips.

I love root and other bulbous vegetables because of the glorious shapes they have and the design possibilities they offer.

These are my simple contour drawings done in biro. I tried to keep my pen on the paper for the whole drawing. That is great fun.


So – without further ado here is what I rustled up yesterday and today and had a lovely time doing so.

This appeals to the child in me – gaudy and rich colours in a slightly abstract application plus a pink dot – and why not.


PS – I had recently bought a stash of rainbow circle tissue cutouts for the fun of it and sprinkled those around too.

What do you do to kick start your art play brain? Please leave a comment below.


4 thoughts on “Know Your Onions

  1. I love your onion and turnip. The child inme says they wouldn’t be be near as gorgeous if the dots had been left out. The anal adult in me says, “How does she see those colors?”

    I’m about to lock myself in my studio (rather locking out certain four-footed hooligans) to play – but alas, not TOO much playing because of x,y, and z to get done…. oh surely I have time for something with dots…..when I get off the computer.

    Thanks for the inspiration and reminder. Lin.

    1. Hi Lin – I only care about the child in me. Bugger the adults! LOL So glad you feel inspired to let loose in yoru studio – play is the most important thing. I see the colours by thinking in terms of warm and cool and strong and weak and then I just push it as far – well wherever it goes – there’s always a risk -Lately I’ve been inspired by Flow magazine and by The Artist’s Way (4th time I’ve read it) – also – looking at fun illustrations/art on pinterest – Alison

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