Simply Sketching – Vegetables From Life

Spent a fruitful (or should that be vegful!) morning this morning sketching vegetables from life in pencil.

veg skejtch copy.jpg

I have a gorgeous Technalo 3B pencil by Caran d’Ache which is velvety yet delicate and gives a superb and sensitive line.


As I am preparing to submit some vegetable artwork to a magazine I wanted to really get to know my way around these vegetables so I bought some and set them in front of me.


This was quite daunting to be honest as I have tended to work from photographs for the last few years. Having a 3D image in front of me is more difficult to render than simply copying from a flattened 2D photo.

Anyway – I persisted and made myself go slowly.

I recently read that it is in sketching that artists find their own unique voice. I like that idea and have known it subconsciously for years but having read it in black and white it made me think yes – I should sketch more.


The results are encouraging me to draw more from life and meantime these are now on watercolour paper with their first washes underway – watch this space for the finished composition:)


veg snketch copy.jpg


11 thoughts on “Simply Sketching – Vegetables From Life

  1. If you want ideas from a superb botanical artist have a look at the work of Ann Swan She does a lot of flowers and fruit but her onions and garlic are wonderful! She uses coloured pencils. I did a workshop with her a year or two ago. It was useful but a style I find too restrictive. I prefer being looser and more impressionistic

      1. OK – I am sorry I don’t know your real name though ! 😦 Well let me know as and when you can get to us! We’re a lovely relaxed group and there’s tea coffee biccies whenever you want plus a lot of one to one tuition from me:)

      2. Hi Peta – sorry – had a power cut here and been manically busy with a deadline sorry! That would be fab – we will be there from 1.20pm onwards – so look forward to seeing you for some watercolour – Alison

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