Painting Horses in Watercolour

I have had this gorgeous horse image in my image bank for months now and have been building up to painting it.


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I finally completed it and enjoyed getting the muzzle min particular to a high degree of finish – something I have never done before as I found it very hard.

That was remedied in part thanks to 10 weeks spent studying cast models at the Welsh Academy of Art in Brecon with Lucy Corbett. Courses are available year round for those interested in getting expert tuition on classical drawing approaches including sight-size –

This time I spent a lot of time applying colour in veils and then lifting highlights out with a thirsty brush. Finally I added dark accents to make the other tones pop.

Here is a horse tutorial if you would like a try.

horse appears Horse 3 Horse 2

Feel free to try this demo yourself
Feel free to try this demo yourself

12 thoughts on “Painting Horses in Watercolour

  1. I absolutely LOVE him, Alison! Your detail is amazing, and I feel as though I could reach out and feel the velvet of his muzzle. Any chance you’ll have prints of him? I bought 2 other horse prints from you for my great nephew. His mother has them beautifully framed and hanging on his bedroom wall. Would love to add to his little Alison Fennell collection!

    1. Well thank YOU Judy! I really worked hard on that muzzle and enjoyed seeing it evolve and yes – of course prints are available. Here is the link if you wish to see. That is a nice idea to add to your great nephew’s equine gallery! I hope fall is coming along nicely where you are? Here I did a woodland walk with 2 friends yesterday and the leaves were spectacular.

      1. Allison, I’m TRYING to order the horse print through etsy, BUT there’s some confusion. They say my email address is already in use??? I’ve bought things from you before, so of course I HAVE used this email… Please help. Since I can’t sign in, I can’t order the print. Thanks so much.

      1. Yes – I always try to do that as the viewer already can see what your subject is so you can easily lose some of it to say the background or foreground and still not lose the subject 🙂

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