Testing M Graham Watercolour Tube Paints

What a treat I received yesterday from a lovely lady photographer/artist called Mape Andrews who has been watching my watercolour instructional tutorials on YouTube.


A set of 10 M Graham professional artist quality tube paints!

I was blown away by her lovely gesture as I had only vaguely heard of these paints but never bought any.

I couldn’t wait to try them out so here they are – tested today while I suffer from flu-like symptoms – but determined to test drive these pigments which are made with blackberry honey (yes – you read that right!) and gum Arabic.

The honey prevents drying in the tube and on the palette and they stay moist and workable as you paint for a good while.


The thing that just strikes you is their POTENCY! Wow – the coverage is huge – so you need much less than with other tube paints. The brilliance and richness are so apparent. Only the finest pigments are used.

I tried a dab of each colour and you can see how much I was able to paint. I could hav epainted much further there was so much “go” in them.

So thank you Mape for your generosity. I will enjoy getting to know the characters of these beauties more fully as the weeks go by.


To shop M Graham paints click here – http://mgraham.com/products/watercolors/

To watch my instructional watercolour videos on YouTube click the YouTube icon – enjoy!



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