Just discovered inktober in the nick of time!

Create Your Own Universe


Today I received a book through the post called “Create Your Own Universe” – it’s for writers and illustrators and anyone who wants to create a fantasy world of their own – or even a real one! It’s by The Brothers McLeod – have a look at their website – they are my new and immediate creativity gurus. Their website is juicy and generous. Thank you brothers.


Major Distraction!

Within its pages are really clear and stimulating exercises and I got very engrossed as I sat in Costa Coffee with it that I was almost late heading off to teach a private pen and ink workshop! It was a delight to be so majorly distracted from time and reality by a book.


All About Ink

Anyway – the main thing I want to talk about is that a few pages in the authors mentioned a phenomenon called “inktober” started by an illustrator called Jake Parker.

Basically every October he opens up a challenge worldwide for anyone to draw an ink artwork every day for the 31 days of October.

He offers a word prompt list for each day but you don’t have to use that.

New Motivation

Well I was captivated by this idea and decided I must do it as I am currently really loving drawing raw and direct onto A6 greetings cards and brown kraft paper and this is the perfect excuse to just buy more specialist pens and other associated gear!

More than that though it adds that special ingredient we all need sometimes – MOTIVATION!

The idea of creating a random drawing along with thousands of others is my cup of tea and a very creative cup I might add.


Fancy Pitching In?

So – Google him and join in if you fancy it but if nothing more search #inktober from today (as there are loads of images from the last few years’ of inktober  and see all the amazing art that has been created. I’m sure you’ll be inspired to pitch in.

Below are some of my drawings done this week which I am thankful I have done as I now feel all limbered up and mind ready to take part in this fun unilateral event!



So HERE GOES! Number 1 of 31 – one drawing for each day of October

I am kicking off with No 1 – “Pleasant Piglet”


1 of 31 – “Pleasant Piglet”

Number 2 of 31 – one drawing for each day of October – “Foxglove Fancy”


Number 3 of 31 – one drawing for each day of October – “Tuna Tableau”


#inktober2017day3 “Tuna Tableau”

Number 4 of 31 – one drawing for each day of October – “Hurricane Huddle”


Day 5


Day 6


Day 7


Day 8


Day 9

ra day9.jpg

Day 10


Day 11


Day 12

d 12.jpg

Day 13


Day 14


Day 15


Day 16


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