Creators – What are your deep loves?



As an artist it is overwhelming sometimes. I am interested in expressing so many subjects in so many styles and in so many moods.

At times I flit between subjects never really going as deep as I would like. I feel I am surface – not able to commit to anything. This creates stress in me as I wish I could focus and stay the longrun even when things get hard with a subject and the fear of failure looms.



So – after reading a wonderful book dealing with such matters called “Create Your Own Universe” by The Brothers McLeod – I am now honing in on those things that delight me and seem to be my main source of pleasure and peace.

First I made a written list of objects that I love and that I would like to feature in my universe.


Next I spent some time (once I actually got myself to sit down and not be distracted by other things) drawing very rough images of the same list.

This alone was so satisfying. To finally have rough visuals to spur my imagination and motivation was so welcome.

Now I feel I have the bit between my teeth.

I will work methodically to enrich and elaborate upon the images and even as I was drawing yesterday thin whispers of stories and possibilities for drawings slipped quietly into my mind.


What is it with shying away from the thing I know I love most? Do you suffer from this? Yet – once I am working and engaged I am so happy.

I can only put the resistance to drawing and painting down to the avoidance of work and concentration – because let’s face it I am a bit lazy and my head gets tired easily!


But I am truly buoyed up by the contents of this book and if you are in need a creative boost get it!

mushroom midnight


As I am now underway I am going to try and keep to some basic limits in order to not sprawl with this project. I find limits help me to stay focussed and not try to say and do everything all at once! Does that happen to you?

Finally I once read in Julia Cameron’s brilliant book “The Artist’s Way” that we creators should contain our magic – keep our fledgling dreams under wraps so that they can incubate slowly and safely in the dark recesses of our mind and studio for a while…so until I have more —happy creating!

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