Enhancing any experience with attention


Garlic crop

You can find beauty in any ordinary everyday subjects such as a cup of tea, a folded magazine, a few humble garlic bulbs by just giving them your deep loving attention.

Attending slowly as you draw and paint even commonplace items means they start to be imbued with some magical essence that cannot be bought at any art store – that magical substance is your FOCUS.

poppy heads copy 2.jpg

How you focus on a subject will be unique to you. Nobody else in this world will see it as you do and so nobody else will paint or draw it as you do. This is because the whole of your life experience to date has created a very special filter through which you perceive everything.

This is the magic of devotional attention.

The more time you give to looking at your subject will allow you to go ever more deeply into it and into yourself.

So go slowly and don’t worry about fabulous landscapes or stunning still lives – just pick a cherry or a can opener and turn on that loving attention.

You will find yourself there.

cherry gouache copy.jpg


2 thoughts on “Enhancing any experience with attention

  1. Hi Alison, I have enjoyed your paintings for many years, and being a watercolourist myself I understand the many dilemmas we face in our artistic journeys, as you express so well in your blog. I was particularly struck by your most recent message which I received today, where you talk about the plethora of choices which assault us, and prevent us artists from settling on one thing and pursuing it, for fear of missing something more worthy. I wanted to say how much I appreciated that message – unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a reply box on the bottom of that post so I have put it here and hope you will see it! Thanks again for the inspiring words, and I hope you are feeling much better now xxx

    1. Thanks Diane – I am glad that resonates with you. I feel it every waking moment. I find it hard to set my own limits as the restlessness is huge when I consider all that I could choose from. But choose I must or I would get nothing done. It does – even then – take a lot of will power to pursue the act in hand over hours or days as distraction can hit at any point along the process! I don’t know why the comments box did not appear? Strange – will check – thanks for your well wishes. I am doing very well now and am 3 months post op 🙂

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