Watercolour Swans

Swan dad etsy copy.jpg

I was recently asked to paint some swans by a lovely lady for her new to be baby daughter’s nursery.

She had already bought work off me back in 2014 for her first born and I was flattered that she came back for more of my art for such a special occasion.

I researched swans and then created my own images from them.

Swan family e.jpg

The work was slow and painting white in watercolour without using white paint (yes – I am a transparent watercolour purist) means planning to preserve parts of unpainted paper and using very subtle shades of whatever the subject is. I am not brilliant at this and so spent a lot of time working out my darkest colours and then making paler mixes to just produce whisper whites and graceful greys.

To view all 3 swan images gracefully paddling along on my online gallery please click HERE

Again – sometimes when we are challenged to paint something we avoid like the plague a good result or at least a learning event can happen.

Now I feel more confident around white although it will be a while before I chose something white to paint voluntarily.


What  are your areas of avoidance in your creative pursuits?