Watercolour Tutorials on Youtube


This last 2 weeks I have drastically overhauled my YouTube channel.

This pesky job has been 2 years in the waiting and now – as I recovery from surgery – I have the time to concentrate on it!

It has been a huge relief to get all my images looking uniform with my signature purple strip and name in white. This makes it easier for anyone to find my videos in the sea of available ones on YouTube.

Now I feel energised to do more videos as I have a format and some hard-earned knowledge about the uploading process!

Here is my latest watercolour tutorial – it’s of a koi carp.

Want to watch? Simply click on the image below:)

youtube tfgyrko copy.jpg

I have also added links to further videos, to my online gallery and the odd donate button or two.

I also teach creativity in painting so here is my latest one featuring gouache, weaving, incense and candles.

youtkube tyro copy_edited-1.jpg


I spend a lot of time working on these videos and whilst they are all free several subscribers have been on to me for ages that I should ask at least a minimal donation as they feel they learn so much.

So I have – but it is still optional!

I will though appreciate any donations as it keeps me in tea & cake! So if you feel you want to splurge on my sugar intake after having watched and hopefully benefitted from any of my tutorials then here is that tea & cake link! Thank you.

youtube donate tea.jpg

So – here are a few that are old and a few that are brand new.

youtube maopllster copy

youtube tyro


If you subscribe to my channel via link below – just click on the YOUTUBE  SUBSCRIBE BUTTON – – you will get new videos straight to your email.



I plan to do one a week and am open to requests! So – do you have any specific areas that you’d like to see me do a tutorial on?

Ask away!