Gone Pottering…

Dear reader

since last November I have been refilling my creative well and well – I have evolved!

I am now The Pottering Artist and I’d like you to come over and be with me now on my new blog of the same name.

I am now also writing a magazine all about the genteel art of pottering.

If you can identify with that as well as all things art then please click the image below and come aboard!

The Pottering Artist Logo lavender.jpg

I do hope you’ll subscribe to this new blog so as to keep abreast of the pottering ethos.

See you there for tea and cake.


4 thoughts on “Gone Pottering…

  1. Dear Ms. Alison,

    Gorgeous you are; love the photo!

    Could you kindly clarify my confusion?

    Have you renamed your old blog? I just want to be sure not to miss your blog and I am confused when going to WordPress.

    Thank you – Have a splendid day! Thank you so much for providing videos and encouragement in making art…they are lovely!

    Cordially, Terri Reynolds

    Maine, USA >

    1. Hi Terri – what a sweet email – thank you! Yes – I have changed my name. I was eastwitching – then I went to AlisonFennellArt. Now I have a new blog via this link – called The Pottering Artist! This is who I am channelling at the moment – would you like to see how we Potterers roll as they say in the USA?

      Meantime – you mentioned that you were doing art. What do you do and why? What makes you want to create? I’d love to hear your story Terri – or – better still come over to my tea and cake page and have a sit down and tell us all – Alison

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your blog Alison, particularly the description of cutting briars down the allotment – the only way to conquer them is dig em up! I was also interested in your dipping pen find, the little hand with the pointing finger; I have one in the same design but it’s antique. My parents managed an old pub in Builth Wells after the war, The Drovers Arms, and my Mother found this sweet little pen when the bar was being renovated. It’s a perfect little hand in bronze or gold with a clasp for the nib and I keep saying I’m going to use this for doing pen and ink drawings but I never have! Your art and now your blog is so inspiring, thank you.

    1. Hi Deb – lovely to hear how you feel about my lotty post and that is amazing that you have a similar nib to me! They are rare I am sure but they are magical to write woth.

      I see why you can’t post – it’s because I had the wrong settings on. Would you be happy – if it’s not too much trouble – to copy and paste this lovely comment you made under the original post you saw please? I would appreciate that as you would be the first commentator! I know Builth and have been to the Wonderwool festival there – pretty town isn’t it? I bet you know all about the locals being landlord – amazing stories to tell. My grandmother’s parents ran 2 pubs in Merthyr when it was the coal mining and iron capital of the world.
      I would love it if you added a photo of the nib if you do paste this comment and wonder if you fancy subscribing?
      By the way – today I have a magazine giveaway over on The Pottering Artist too – https://www.thepotteringartist.com/2019/03/inaugural-giveaway-free-leisure-painter.html

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