Terrified of Watercolour? I’ll give you Courage!

fanning the flames of fall teachable_edited-1



If you yearn to paint in watercolour but are scared to death of its mercurial and unpredictable nature you may want to invest in my new watercolour novice course.

“Fanning the Flames of Fall” is a complete and straightforward course to get you confident and capable with watercolour.


  • Say goodbye to uncertainty and panic and replace those feelings with clarity and certainty as you begin to foster effective water handling, paper preparing and paint mixing skills.
  • We’ll stick to a straight line and not get too bogged down.
  • You will see the way and gain traction early on.

My course starts on 1st September ONLINE but – I am offering you a £5 discount now if you enrol while it is still being uploaded.

Join now using the code GRATEFUL5 at checkout and watch as the next 4 weeks see me adding 6 hours of exclusive beginner watercolour video tutorials and all the images and outlines you need.


My credentials yo reassure you.

I’m Alison Fennell, Welsh artist and instructor.


  • I am an experienced tutor, a qualified teacher and a professional artist – but more than that – I am self-taught and understand your pain!
  • I write for Leisure Painter Magazine – the UK’s best-selling art magazine and specialise in beginner watercolour tutorials.
  • 1516_large
  • I have painted for 25 years, have 16,000 Youtube students, am in the Top 40 watercolour tutors on Youtube and have sold UK-wide and internationally for 10 years.
  • In 2017 I had work juried in to The Mall Galleries London.

To view the part completed course click here – have a look around and see if it is for you.


Below are the main areas covered – you will have a great overview and insight into watercolour at the end of this course.


Any questions just email me at thepotteringartist@hotmail.com! Alison Fennell



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