A Happy New Year’s Read – Art Magazine

Issue 5 cover copy

Happy New Year reader.

I hope you are well and raring to go with any art projects you may have in mind?

But before you tear off would you like a little juice for that creative muse of yours?
If so hop over and preview a few pages of the latest edition of my indie arty magazine The Pottering Artist.

If the excitement has all been too much and you want to retire to some quiet nook to nurse your artist muse – here is the latest issue of my indie magazine – The Pottering Artist – enjoy exploring hunches, trying out tempting ideas and more –

Ready to cwtch up with an arty, insighhtful and inspirational read?
Here is Issue 5 – “Beckoning” of The Pottering Artist Magazine for you –
  • Indulge your inner artist with step-by-step watercolour tutorials of sunflowers, mushrooms and a
  • meadow hare.
  • Escape to the wilds with Henry Beston’s Outermost House.
  • Explore the Edwardian delight that is Duffryn House in Wales and
  • be the first to read the first installment of nonsensical and charming Tales from Terrier Cabin.
  • Get the low-down on traditional watercolour paper stretching and hear about good reads for artists and dreamers alike.
  • 2 competitions and giveaways too.
An artist’s journal for artists – warts and all.


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