Process not Product


For me it’s the enjoyment of the process more and more.

Mindfully musing and paying attention to what I draw or paint is a real joy and luxury.

It yields spells of time where I can totally love what I am doing.

Present moment awareness – that’s all we’ve ever got really and I think it does well to attend to the quality of your consciousness.

2 thoughts on “Process not Product

  1. Thankyou Alison for your words and beautiful paintings. I always feel a calmness when I read your blog.
    Is that you in the photo and wherabouts was is taken?. I don’t get to see lovely very old buildings much here in Australia.

    1. Well thanks Jane – I am pleased to have that effect.
      I am set reeling with sickness daily at seeing what is happening to people, animals and land in Australia. Mynephew (had been home to Wales for Xmas) just landed back in Sydney today – he says it is smokey. I pray for rain every night even though I am ot religious.
      This is a very old coaching inn near Brecon in South Wales where I live. I have eaten there twice and it is sublime. I love old buildings – they have soul don’t they? But only ones made from natural stone or wood mind you. Prefabs hold no charm for me. Here is the pub’s website.

      That is me in the pub’s organic garden. We were on a talk given by a well-known forager called Adele Nozedar (lady in blue wellies in photo - ) and it was lovely – what do you do in Oz?

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