Suffering from Spiritual Decay?

If the aftermath of the consuming frenzy that is Christmas has left you feeling bereft it is probably to be expected isn’t it?
I mean – who or what can now fill that empty void left by the come-down after all that eating, receiving, drinking and general intaking of this massively emotional and frantic event.
Well – you can take time to edify your poor beleagured spirit by doing less, wanting less and appreciating things.
Yes – go back to small pleasures. Be totally present and attentive of every small action you do.
I am doing it now as I type. I am actually honouring every key as I tap my finger on it – going slower than normal so that I register that white letter on the black key. Already I feel safer and more in and of my consciousness.
Over to you now to heal your battered spirit after so much over-stimulation.
What do you do to recover a feeling of your spirit at this time of year?

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