Watercolour Wonder


In our days choc full of information and fact how about we hop off this known merrygoround and splosh about with nameless shapes for a while.

What better medium to use to do that than the mercurial watercolour.

For it is only with watercolour that you can let the wildness in you flow freely. It runs, it bleeds and it explodes and unlike acrylic it stays wetter a lot longer and remains to more of a degree re-workable if you don’t mind cauliflower backruns.

But this is playtime so just wet a sheet and splosh on some shapes – anything and anyhow. Perhaps leave some white of the paper.

Then let it all dry – letting the cards fall where they may – for as we know – watercolour – sly little tinker that she is – will keep on sureptitiously fingering outwards and mysteriously mingling with itself while our artist backs are turned.

Come back to it after a restorative cup of tea and see what awaist you.

You may want to go back in with dry brush work or markers or simply chop the abstract work up into mini rectangle sna mount them on blank greetings cards.

Off you go.


3 thoughts on “Watercolour Wonder

  1. Well, we have all been shoved off the merry go round now, haven’t we! I can’t believe what is happening in the world right now and can’t think about painting really. Hope you are keeping well x

  2. Morning Alison! Inspirational to read your post, and you’re on the same page as me – I always try to stop my painting before I think it’s finished, and let the paint do the rest of the work – they always look better the next day, and sometimes even weeks later you look at a painting you weren’t enthralled with and it has ‘matured’ into something worth a second look!
    Have a lovely weekend!

    1. That is lovely to hear Diane – thanks so much for taking the time to write. I know what you mean about Youtube but all we can do it plow our own furrow and our audience will eventually come. I mentioned Brain G Johnson to you – he helped my stats go high. Yes – leaving gestating time for the painting is good. Ax

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