Structure Keeps you Sane

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If even getting down to some art feeling like wading through treacle then establishing a simple plan will help.

We are all busy with life – errands, duties, work, should and must do’s so even trying to get some art time seems like an obstacle course.

This is where structure comes in

This year I am going to put time aside for not painting but planning.

With a planning day I can set out subjects I want to paint then source images  for them etc and have all that done ready before I start my week with it all in place.

See if it works for you.

  1. Get a journal
  2. On the right hand side of the right hand page write your subject
  3. Leave the left hand page blank to stick your reference image.
  4. Continue until you have 7 days filled in.
  5. There. Now you have a ready to roll sketchbook complete with want to paint items and ref photos – at least you can resort to that and feel you are getting somewhere and staying….


Stuff you may want to know about as an artist on your special journey

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2 thoughts on “Structure Keeps you Sane

  1. I love your idea of setting up a sketch book for a weeks worth of sketches at a time. That way you’re ready to dive in when you get to your art time. I think I will work on that this afternoon!

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