Sketching my Jack Russell whilst Watching TV

Just lately I have cleared an awful lot of big and scary art business deadlines such as course writing and magazine publishing. Now their looming presence is gone I feel freer and moer relaxed.

The other night as I sat and watched Vera I had the added comfort of my Khadi journal open on my lap, my Jack Russell Tilly by my side and my spiffy new indulgent Palomino Blackwing pencil in my hand. Well – that is a fib actually, I had two of them – both recently sharpened in my super duper electric pencil sharpener – just in case they got blunt as I drew away.

It was fun to simply try to capture brief outlines of the cast as they tried to solve crimes. The added bonus of Vera is that the series is shot in some lovely landscapes. So I knew this would not be where I produced any finished works but I did know that it would allow me to sit comfortably and just observe and draw.

Simply doing this makes me calm.

What do you do whilst watching TV if anything?

PS – Here is the resulting page of TV captures – but as you will see – my attention also slid down to the lovely doggy ears of Tilly as she snored blissfully beside me and my fave thing is that sketch of the back of her head. You can just maout super-imposed on all the other drawings.


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