Raised by the Forest

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This title captivated me as I long for a more earthy connection.

Read about how Saga Mariah Sandberg from Sweden absorbs and channels her woodland environnment into her beautiful art via this link – https://anotherescape.com/featured-stories/raised-by-the-forest

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Meantime – her is a delightful taset of the whole article – read and be enchanted and encouraged as a nature artist…

“From an early age, I would draw everything around our farm – anything I saw, I drew it,” she smiles. “My drawings were studies, but we didn’t realise it at the time. I was only about eight. I would sit there with my pens and crayons and draw what I saw. I had my first exhibition when I was 11. It was at my school. My dad had been promoted at work and had been given a fountain pen. One day, when he wasn’t home, I went and took it and sketched with it. The drawings looked beautiful. My parents were at first really angry, and then they were super impressed. They showed the headteacher the drawings, and he decided to have an exhibition, so they hung my cat and bird studies in the school. I was both very embarrassed and very proud.

…and you might like this bit about when she decides to leave her well-paid job for an artistic life –

“When I rang my parents to tell them I was thinking of leaving my well-paid, respectable job, I was worried what they would say,” she admits. “I was the girl who kept snakes and insects as a child and then did three years education at an expensive school in Stockholm and got a top job immediately, and now, here I was, about to turn it down. Interestingly, my mother said, ‘I’m so happy you are saying this because I just couldn’t picture you in an office. I just can’t see it in my imagination’. She couldn’t see me locked up inside, under artificial lighting and wearing expensive, flashy clothing, and admitted she’d be more devastated if she thought that that was going to be my life now.


4 thoughts on “Raised by the Forest

      1. So many things resonated with me in her story, it took me back to my childhood when it was safe to let children wander around in the parks and creeks of our neighbourhood, how time stood still when I was exploring… as I was reading her story I felt a sense of stillness and was very much aware of being totally present while reading – I was also very inspired by her sense of being true to herself, that in growing up the way she did among nature she had a very strong sense of self and therefore she had no choice but to listen to her heart and do what she knew to be intrinsically right for her. I loooved reading that she was able to make a living expressing her love of nature through her art – dream job… Joy…

      2. Hi Sofia – I am glad you felt a resonance with what I feel. I just felt compelled to write it as I loved the article and learning about her life. This is lovely that you had a similar life. I think when you read any authentic account you feel still as you sense you are reading truth.

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