Re-enchant the World one Child at a Time

Look at what dead, spiritless plastic junk we give our babies, toddlers and young children to play with. It is shocking how these young, impressionable fingers will hold mostly man-made objects for the first days, weeks, months and years of their lives.

That thought worries me as they are from birth disconnected from elemental things – earthy things – mother nature’s feel. How will children grow to respect and value that with which they have never engaged?

We give children lifeless, pre-packaged toys aswell where all the creativity has been done by some invisible others and the only option for creativity is say where a child may make achoice as to what colour jacket to dress her doll with – but as Michael Crawford of “The Case for Making Things with the Hands” correctly points out – making a choice from a pre-selected table of options is not a creative act.

I sense a vacancy in young children’s faces as they gaze at screens – a truly unsettling sight. Where is the wonder? where is the opportunity for immediate and real enchantment with the world of anatural materials?

I hope that children and parents realise that time spent in nature is time spent in the fields of global development of mind, body and spirit.

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