The Pottering Artist Moves to Patreon – Would you like to come?

Dear Reader

On 1st August I am launching a watercolour idyll on Patreon.

It will be an online home for painters seeking peace, pleasure and prowess.

I will be offering 3 tiers of incredibly good value patronage subscriptions.Flamenco Finesse Finished Painting

It is my intention that this happy club will give you an online parcel of painterly goodies on the 1st of every month at seriously unbeatable value.

To learn more and get the launch alert simply click here!

Do you long for clearly explained educational videos with supporting material printables?

Do you like themed subjects that keep you in teh zone and allow you too imerse yourself into your work?

Are you happiest workimng at home at your own pace with videos you can stop, start and pause?

Then The Pottering Artist on Patreon may be for you!

Click here to stay in the loop.

Membership is monthly and you can cancel at any time.

I have 3 tiers:-

Patreon Peace (2)Patreon PleasurePatreon Prowess (2)Pledge chart

You get dedicated videos and other rewards per tier.

Watch my trailer and see if you’d like to come and join me on Patreon!


I am in orbit at the friendliness and flexibility of this established and well-thought of platform.

See you online!



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