7 Sleeps to Go till The Pottering Artist goes live on Patreon!

The Pottering Artist on Patreon GRAPHICjpg

That’s if you are interested in joining my brand new, exclusive online teaching platform – Patreon!

Patreon will offer The Pottering Artist content that no-one else will EVER see at prices that are the best EVER for monthly muse-rich enjoyment!

A simple sign-up subscription and you’re sorted! Access arty and engaging content immediately.

Attain peace, pleasure and prowess by being a Patron of the arts and supporting me so that I can, in turn, nurture your watercolour growth.

As well as in-depth, clear, slow-paced and unique video tutorials that you can access in your own space you’ll get a package of top quality rewards that I will have spent the month preparing for you!
Spend enriching and peaceful times in this private watercolour idyll where watercolour reigns and your patronage is prized!
Want to see a brief video on each one featuring a whirlwind tour of the site itself? (go on – you know you want to!).
Click below and try them all out. Every one’s a winner!

See what’s coming up next Saturday!

CLICK this link to get my launch alert!


Just  $5 + vat  a  month
Watch Now
Only  $9 + vat a  month
Watch Now
A mere $14+vat a month
Watch Now


….and – if I may just over-deliver on my Patreon launch package!  I have yet ANOTHER reward for you if you pledge…I’m going to give us the rare chance to get to know each other and for you to pick my watercolour brain in a heavily discounted (50%), private, 1-1 …

Watercolour Whisperer mentoring Skype session!

Yep – just you and I! You will have the floor for 30 whole minutes to raise any watercolour issues, hopes, blocks and dreams!
We will get it all out on the table and recalibrate your watercolour trajectory!

Typically these 30 minute bespoke speakeasies are $19 (£15) but you are going to get it for just $9 (£7) if you become my Patron before 10th August!

More details coming this week but for now – hold that thought and jot down things you’d want to ask me!

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