Watercolourists! Let Me Enchant You…

If you yearn to paint the magic and mystery of evergreen forests at dusk and if you need to be taken by the hand and shown myriad techniques and approaches to evoke the wonder of the wild woodland then this course is for you!


I will show you how to paint not only isolated and detailed studies of pinecones, fungi, forest textures and the like but we will move past the real and into the preternatural with atmospheric processes to put you in a world of leafy wonder.

  • Using mood and majesty you will gather skills to create atmosphere and feeling that forest and woodlands exude. Along the way you will render anthropomorphic elements of faces in moon, stone and tree and muse on the isness of these enchanted elements.
  • Don’t be a slave to the literal but instead slip away from the defined to the marvelously murky and magical world of the forest.
  • In it you will encounter majestic stags and perhaps a raven and wolf as you paint your way through the leafclad lectures.
  • Enjoy the emotive release of attuning with artful approaches that let you express your love of all things forest. Embrace the grace of green and gratefully paint your way to peace.
  • Armed with special skills of gilding and waxing as well as layering and texturing you will emerge stronger as an artist and richer in mood-making ability.

Join me as we leave the everyday cares behind for a spell and wander tentatively deeper into the green beyond. Imerse your artist soul into the salve of forest silence…and simply paint.

By signing up today you will get further information about what the course holds as it emerges!

There is no obligation to purchase at this stage. You will simply be kept in the loop about when you can enrol and buy the course ok.

So please click the link and rest assured that as and when The Enchanted Evergreen is ready to reveal itself you will be the first to know!


For now – some basic info:-

  • Course due date – Good Friday 2nd April 2021
  • Course cost £39 (Paid Up Members of my Teachable & Patreon sites will get 15% off)
  • Course length – I would imagine you taking a month to complete this
  • Course level – intermediate watercolour

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