Effortless Emergence – Taking Nature’s Lead and Striving Less

On this chilly final February morning I was on the return journey home with Tilly when – to my left – on a neighbour’s lawn – I spotted a single, snow-white crocus. It was alone in the grass and it stopped me in my tracks – bringing a smile to my face as it did so. It was so serene and simple. Its presence declared “I am here” and nowhere was the sign of stress or struggle of having arrived at that fresh and fine floret. It just made me think of how I have been so embroiled in striving for many goals in my work lately and wearing myself out that this quiet bloom made me come to my senses.

As I finished the last leg of my walk I agreed with myself to just push a little less and reflect a little more on what I am doing each day. I hope to trust that as long as I go generally and more gently in the direction of my goals that the results will emerge with a little less effort and a lot more grace.

7 thoughts on “Effortless Emergence – Taking Nature’s Lead and Striving Less

  1. Lovely insight, Alison. Finding those zen moments really help bring you into the present moment to enjoy the simple pleasure of life.

  2. Just read this, Alison. Thanks for sharing a small but perfect moment in your day. It has probably resonated with everyone who has read it, so thank you. It’s so good for us to slow things right down to make us appreciate everything we see and everything we have. Take care, J xx

  3. It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of modern life, it becomes all about the technology, how many ‘likes’, ‘views’, subscribers, etc instead of ‘I’m doing this because I enjoy it and others can watch and learn’. I’ve been watching your wonderful YouTube videos for a few years now and finding inspiration so, please Alison, just keep doing what you love to do and thank you for allowing us to watch. X

    1. That is so flattering and encouraging to hear Deb. From what I can see your animal art is stunning! Do you have a site? Tech does take you over a bit at times so I am hatching a new frequency plan for my work after my 1 month off! I can continue then at a happier healthier pace…

  4. So true Alison. I think a lot of us may feel not that excited about starting a rush-about life again. We have had to slow down and for some it’s no bad thing.
    Thank you for your words and the crocus
    Love lizx

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