The First Signs of Autumn

Sweet Slumber by Alison Fennell 2011 When that cooler crisp chill is suddenly felt it whisks me back to school days and going off with my brand new satchel and uniform. Noticing the ferns smelling more acrid after a long summer of green now turning rusty and the joy of arriving home at the end of the day to a nice warm kitchen and Mum … Continue reading The First Signs of Autumn

Win a Welsh Wolf this Weekend!

Win Me this Sunday at the Dogs Trust Fayre , Margham Park, Port Talbot!   Come to the Dogs Trust annual summer Fayre at Margham Park, Port Talbot in South Wales and win this Welsh Wolf  fine art print! Raffle tickets will be available from my animal art stall Number 13 –  Tickets are only £1 and the winner will be announced on the day! … Continue reading Win a Welsh Wolf this Weekend!

What Animal Are You?

What animal would you be? At certain times in your life have you ever found yourself fixating on a particular animal? You spotted an animal – say a fox, raven or dragonfly and felt a very strong connection or resonance with it? My love of animals in general is what motivates me in painting individual portraits of them for a living. Sometimes I paint an … Continue reading What Animal Are You?

Royal Hugo – the Final countdown

I had a good morning as Hugo came along as I wanted him too. Mostly I used Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber to model his features. I used French Ultramarine for the blue in his bandana and Cadmium Red Deep for the red in that as well as in his crown. For shadows in the reds I added a speck of Pthalo /Windsor Green. To … Continue reading Royal Hugo – the Final countdown

Jack Russel Sketch

Sketch book doodle of Dotty – My Jack Russel Dotty is by my side most evenings when I sit down on the sofa dn last night I sketched her with her little nose pushed up against the cushion – eyes closed and head on her front legs. I may get to do a watercolor of this…. Continue reading Jack Russel Sketch