Crazy for the Heat!

As the weather cools and the winds whisk up dumping deluges of rain we batten down the hatches and turn up the heat – making my animals hot hot hot! Soem cool customers in the Autumn hues are here to herald the Autumn Equinox – who is your fave? Drop me a line with your fave and why at my Etsy shop Eastwitching and I’ll … Continue reading Crazy for the Heat!


Hello animal lovers! Art is now affordable as well as archival at my eastwitching animal painting gallery on Etsy. I have invested in aprofessional Epson printer and am now able to offer you all my works as prints at just $13. If you’d like to take a trip to see what I have available for your own personal collection that may well outlast you and … Continue reading DREAM PRINTS

Hares have their Friends you Know

The wonderous hare – moonstarer and boxer extraordinaire. Not one to do anything by halves the hare can outrun most and lives by his wise primeval wits. Appealing to the slightly wild side of us he has coined us the expression as Mad as a March Hare and we thank him for it. He is our talisman back to the wild – to Mother Nature. … Continue reading Hares have their Friends you Know