Paperlink UK love Puppies

For those of you who can’t stop buying blank cards for those “you never know” moments – here is a happy cheery puppy card for you. I painted this watercolour of my JRT Dotty and Paperlink UK have no wturned her into one of their Open House Fine Art collection of blank cards. Perfect to have on hand for all kinds of events and occasions:) … Continue reading Paperlink UK love Puppies

May I Introduce you to my Life Coach?

The wise patient grandma -type dog coach Wo better for the best all round life coach than our fave animal – the dog?! If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face,  you should go home and examine your conscience.   ~Woodrow Wilson Watch them and learn. Dogs don’t wallow in self pity and are eternally enthusiastic for the good … Continue reading May I Introduce you to my Life Coach?

Jack Russel Sketch

Sketch book doodle of Dotty – My Jack Russel Dotty is by my side most evenings when I sit down on the sofa dn last night I sketched her with her little nose pushed up against the cushion – eyes closed and head on her front legs. I may get to do a watercolor of this…. Continue reading Jack Russel Sketch

Chocolate Lab Practice Piece

I have decided that I need to do more warm-ups and sketches in my week – so here is my first one – a chocolate lab. It is also a good eco -practice as I have piles of 100% cotton rag watercolor paper offcuts from my main 8×10 inch cuts and it would be criminal not to paint on these too. Continue reading Chocolate Lab Practice Piece

CORGI sweets – Little Lady

My grandfather used to always have corgis and they were so very happy and loyal – – but you try putting your hand near their basket when they had a biscuit! The Welsh corgi has 2 branches – the Cardiganshire Corgi with a long tail and the Pembrokeshire Corgi (as kept by the Queen) with the short tail. I painted two just recently and it … Continue reading CORGI sweets – Little Lady

Corgis with a Welsh heart

Being from Wales the most famous dog is the Pembrokeshire Corgi. Even the name conjures up the lovely rolling and rich green land of West Wales not too far from the sea. A lady asked me to paint a corgi – so without further ado here she is – If you like dogs or indeed any animals I have been painting lots of them …here … Continue reading Corgis with a Welsh heart

Alison Fennell Art at Artist’s & Illustrators

Art lovers have fun exploring the fab Artist’s & Illustrators site with a great selection of truly desirable art. Express yourself and select unique art for your personal space at home or in the work area… Enjoy your visit to the gallery:) Alison Continue reading Alison Fennell Art at Artist’s & Illustrators