May I Introduce you to my Life Coach?

The wise patient grandma -type dog coach Wo better for the best all round life coach than our fave animal – the dog?! If a dog will not come to you after having looked you in the face,  you should go home and examine your conscience.   ~Woodrow Wilson Watch them and learn. Dogs don’t wallow in self pity and are eternally enthusiastic for the good … Continue reading May I Introduce you to my Life Coach?

Royal Hugo – the Final countdown

I had a good morning as Hugo came along as I wanted him too. Mostly I used Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber to model his features. I used French Ultramarine for the blue in his bandana and Cadmium Red Deep for the red in that as well as in his crown. For shadows in the reds I added a speck of Pthalo /Windsor Green. To … Continue reading Royal Hugo – the Final countdown

Royal Hugo

I am painting a lovely dog called Hugo. He will be king one day and to prove it he is wearing his crown in readiness.With his Union Jack Bandana and solemn regal look he looks just perfect don’t you think? Part two to come tomorrow.. Enjoy – Alison 1 – Here is Hugo with his main tonal areas already painted (sorry – I was so … Continue reading Royal Hugo

German Shepherd Dog Portrait – Custom orders welcome!

German Shepherd Dog Portrait by Alison Fennell of eastwitching gallery on Etsy. A CUSTOM German Shepherd DOG PORTRAIT – original watercolor painting – 8x10inches A super idea for the devoted dog owner – give them a unique and engaging gift with an original dog watercolor! Have their dog painted in beautifully elegant and timeless watercolor! The award winning GSD dog you see above is Fany … Continue reading German Shepherd Dog Portrait – Custom orders welcome!