How to paint an Italian Greyhound

Niki Pledge is a lucky lady as she shares her life with 5 of THE most elegant and stunning-looking Italian Greyhounds I have ever clapped eyes on! Her Etsy shop ShadedMoon is dedicated to ravishing handmade high-collars for those dogs with elegant and long necks – Salukis, Greyhounds et al. After fruitlessly searching various image sites on the internet for inspiring greyhounds images I remembered … Continue reading How to paint an Italian Greyhound

Top 5 Dogs I want to paint

Dogs dogs dogs – I love them and my fave 5 are Siberian Huskies and Jack Russels followed by cute Corgis, slinky and sleek Salukis, and dear Daschunds. The other day I was so overwhelmed by thinking of all the breeds of dogs to paint that I suddenly had the idea of just finding out what are the world’s most popular dogs. To my pleasure … Continue reading Top 5 Dogs I want to paint

CORGI sweets – Little Lady

My grandfather used to always have corgis and they were so very happy and loyal – – but you try putting your hand near their basket when they had a biscuit! The Welsh corgi has 2 branches – the Cardiganshire Corgi with a long tail and the Pembrokeshire Corgi (as kept by the Queen) with the short tail. I painted two just recently and it … Continue reading CORGI sweets – Little Lady