Top 5 Dogs I want to paint

Dogs dogs dogs – I love them and my fave 5 are Siberian Huskies and Jack Russels followed by cute Corgis, slinky and sleek Salukis, and dear Daschunds. The other day I was so overwhelmed by thinking of all the breeds of dogs to paint that I suddenly had the idea of just finding out what are the world’s most popular dogs. To my pleasure … Continue reading Top 5 Dogs I want to paint

Chocolate Lab Practice Piece

I have decided that I need to do more warm-ups and sketches in my week – so here is my first one – a chocolate lab. It is also a good eco -practice as I have piles of 100% cotton rag watercolor paper offcuts from my main 8×10 inch cuts and it would be criminal not to paint on these too. Continue reading Chocolate Lab Practice Piece

Wolf art

Finally I painted a full face wolf. I have wanted to do this for years and years but because I am so in awe of them and convinced I will fail dismally I have been putting it off. I was recently asked to paint a wolf by a lady called Ashley. After I tried one it confirmed all my fears. It was awful, flat and … Continue reading Wolf art