Southern Living

July is here and the heat is ON– creating a fabulous kitchen gallery featuring flamingo art is what Lindsey Ellis Beatty of Southern Living Magazine has done. Combining animal prints and clean lines the dining area is a place to behold! – click here for Lindsey’s kitchen make-over tips and her kitchen gallery shot To check out the exact same coral pink flamingos that Lindsey … Continue reading Southern Living

Italian Greyhound Art Demo

A beautiful Italian Greyhound called Cairo just stopped me in my tracks – (see earlier post) and below is how I proceeded to paint him.His mother Niki (of ShadedMoon on Etsy)  and I are working together on producing several Italian Greyhound portraits in the original and print forms with a percentage of the prints ones going to Niki’s UK charity the Italian Greyhound Rescue Here … Continue reading Italian Greyhound Art Demo

How I Want to Break Free

Moon Bear confined permanently to Coffin Cage for up to 30 years Virginia McKenna OBE and Jill Robinson MBE are two fighting-ladies…fighting for those who cannot speak or fight for themselves. Both women are animal rights activists and campaigners and have and continue to achieve much for the animals for whom they speak. Over 300 Moon Bears have now been rescued and taken to permanent … Continue reading How I Want to Break Free

Artist interview on Mind Body Spirit Blog

Today I have the luck to be featured as an artist on Mind Body Spirit blog. The author Diane Fergurson (also an artist – creating transformational and ethereal art) interviewed me by emails over a week or so and the result is something that I am so excited about. Diane Ferguson’s transformational art Alison Fennell – the artist:)!  To see the post please click here … Continue reading Artist interview on Mind Body Spirit Blog

How to paint an Italian Greyhound

Niki Pledge is a lucky lady as she shares her life with 5 of THE most elegant and stunning-looking Italian Greyhounds I have ever clapped eyes on! Her Etsy shop ShadedMoon is dedicated to ravishing handmade high-collars for those dogs with elegant and long necks – Salukis, Greyhounds et al. After fruitlessly searching various image sites on the internet for inspiring greyhounds images I remembered … Continue reading How to paint an Italian Greyhound

Totems – What Animal Are You? – The Lioness

The Lioness – Original Watercolour Painting  The Lioness Just recently I was asked by one of my collectors – Ashley – to paint a lioness as a representation of one of her family members – April. Ashley has built up a selection of watercolour animal totems for her family ranging from a majestic eagle to a gentle doe and plans to showcase them in her … Continue reading Totems – What Animal Are You? – The Lioness

How to bring a touch of natural Africa home

“She is so elegant and peaceful” said Elisa of Tina Trotter elephant Using appealing and animated watercolor elephant prints in groups brings a happy herd right into your space! A fun talking point and a great mood enhancer – animal art is affordable and unique in my store. Look how  Elisa Williams Schroen of Toronto has created a beautiful ethnic and African vibe in her … Continue reading How to bring a touch of natural Africa home

How to create the Euphoria of Summer Evenings!

Dragonfly Drama! High Summer approaches and what better animal totem to herald it in than the mesmeric dragonfly?! As an ode to this euphoric and evocative creature I have created 2 special High Summer Archival quality giclee prints: Celestial Wish and Heavenly Amber Fully saturated complementary colours vibrate with those of the dragonflies’ delicate wings to bring you a glorious burst of summer colour for … Continue reading How to create the Euphoria of Summer Evenings!

Ways to be helping fox rescuers!

What does this image do to you?     To me it makes me feel both hope and love. Hope – because I know that these foxes have been rescued by the Fox Project UK and love because these are our fellow creatures with whom we are blessed to share this planet The good news is that the dedicated team at the Fox Project are … Continue reading Ways to be helping fox rescuers!

How about a free fish print! Ends Sat 18th June 2011

Win Me! A flat oval blue fish with orange lips just stoped me in my tracks – here he is being painted in watercolour. What do you think or feel when you see a magical creature such as this? I would like to hear your imaginativewords – feel free to speak your heart and mind and the person with the comments that touch me the … Continue reading How about a free fish print! Ends Sat 18th June 2011