Hello animal lovers! Art is now affordable as well as archival at my eastwitching animal painting gallery on Etsy. I have invested in aprofessional Epson printer and am now able to offer you all my works as prints at just $13. If you’d like to take a trip to see what I have available for your own personal collection that may well outlast you and … Continue reading DREAM PRINTS

…Some Flowers in Her Hair…

Just took the dog for a walk and as I was musing about what I would paint when I got back in the house we passed some brambles out of which some pretty papery rose petals were peeping from a bud or two. They reminded me of dog roses and then I just had a vision of a bunny I had painted the other day … Continue reading …Some Flowers in Her Hair…

One can never have too many brushes!

These have been acquired by me since I stared painting about 17 years ago – some are beginning to lose varnish as they have been in the water so much ! Still they are OK to use and I always buy artists quality paint and paper and equipment. If you buy cheap you get cheap and then you have to battle with your tools. My … Continue reading One can never have too many brushes!

Tools of the trade – artist

Art is free and for everyone – always have cheap sketch books dotted around – you know the ones you won’t mind wasting paper in – rough sketching and doodling are the thing – just be yourself on the paper – only aim to please yourself… if you have trouble doing this may I suggest a book that will cure you – Drawing on the … Continue reading Tools of the trade – artist