How to create the Euphoria of Summer Evenings!

Dragonfly Drama! High Summer approaches and what better animal totem to herald it in than the mesmeric dragonfly?! As an ode to this euphoric and evocative creature I have created 2 special High Summer Archival quality giclee prints: Celestial Wish and Heavenly Amber Fully saturated complementary colours vibrate with those of the dragonflies’ delicate wings to bring you a glorious burst of summer colour for … Continue reading How to create the Euphoria of Summer Evenings!

Summer Fruits

I couldn’t resist the idea of painting fruits all over bunnies – this notion came into my head about a month ago when I was house-sitting for a friends and her lovely dogs in a house on a hill in the Welsh countryside. The idea hatched and I painted Blackberry Bramble first – I loved the look and enjoyed the process so here are some … Continue reading Summer Fruits