How to create the Euphoria of Summer Evenings!

Dragonfly Drama! High Summer approaches and what better animal totem to herald it in than the mesmeric dragonfly?! As an ode to this euphoric and evocative creature I have created 2 special High Summer Archival quality giclee prints: Celestial Wish and Heavenly Amber Fully saturated complementary colours vibrate with those of the dragonflies’ delicate wings to bring you a glorious burst of summer colour for … Continue reading How to create the Euphoria of Summer Evenings!

What Animal Are You?

What animal would you be? At certain times in your life have you ever found yourself fixating on a particular animal? You spotted an animal – say a fox, raven or dragonfly and felt a very strong connection or resonance with it? My love of animals in general is what motivates me in painting individual portraits of them for a living. Sometimes I paint an … Continue reading What Animal Are You?