Brian Breeze the Budgie

Butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth – a sweet blue budgerigar in watercolour I had to paint the sweet expression of this budgie. The way his head is cocked to one side and his plump pear-shaped body are too cute for words. I used Fabriano Artistico 90lbs hot pressed paper. It is 100% acid free cotton rag paper and so eco-friendly. Also its surface is … Continue reading Brian Breeze the Budgie

Take a bow Mr Budgie! Watercolour demo

Here we have a dapper budgie (is there any other kind?) painted in simple steps. Materials used –  Cerulean Blue, French Ultramarine, Burnt umber, cobalt blue and a touch of winsor violet. He was painted onto gorgeous Fabriano Artistico 90lbs hot pressed paper with a fab watermark. I love this paper – so expressive and lets the paint run and granulate beautifully for a sensual … Continue reading Take a bow Mr Budgie! Watercolour demo

Royal Hugo

I am painting a lovely dog called Hugo. He will be king one day and to prove it he is wearing his crown in readiness.With his Union Jack Bandana and solemn regal look he looks just perfect don’t you think? Part two to come tomorrow.. Enjoy – Alison 1 – Here is Hugo with his main tonal areas already painted (sorry – I was so … Continue reading Royal Hugo

Watercolour Demo of a Doe for Ashley

Here is a demo of how I painted the doe to the left in watercolour. This sweet-eyed and elegant doe is a commission for a lady called Ashley from Texas.. Once I had drawn the doe I wetted the entire inside area with clear water and let it soak in a bit before adding some pale lavender to the inner ears, just under the eyes … Continue reading Watercolour Demo of a Doe for Ashley