Totems – What Animal Are You? – The Lioness

The Lioness – Original Watercolour Painting  The Lioness Just recently I was asked by one of my collectors – Ashley – to paint a lioness as a representation of one of her family members – April. Ashley has built up a selection of watercolour animal totems for her family ranging from a majestic eagle to a gentle doe and plans to showcase them in her … Continue reading Totems – What Animal Are You? – The Lioness

What will it take to save a Bluebell?

 I am painting Bluebell – she is a semi-blind Moon Bear rescued from a life of unmentionable cruelty on a Bear Bile Farm She is now living the deserved life of Riley in a rescue created and funded by the stars at Animals Asia – Moon Bear Rescue Project in Chengdu, China. Selling prints of this beautiful lady is my way of raising POTS OF … Continue reading What will it take to save a Bluebell?

Elephant Stampede in Studio!

Redrawn the elephant and got a lovely tall palm tree behind him. Now I have to do some small tonal thumbnails to see how best to proceed – Painting an elephant as a character for Callie’s words… Watch this space – meantime how about reading this very informative piece about circus animals including elephants and their lives there. Continue reading Elephant Stampede in Studio!

Wolf art

Finally I painted a full face wolf. I have wanted to do this for years and years but because I am so in awe of them and convinced I will fail dismally I have been putting it off. I was recently asked to paint a wolf by a lady called Ashley. After I tried one it confirmed all my fears. It was awful, flat and … Continue reading Wolf art