Enhancing any experience with attention

  You can find beauty in any ordinary everyday subjects such as a cup of tea, a folded magazine, a few humble garlic bulbs by just giving them your deep loving attention. Attending slowly as you draw and paint even commonplace items means they start to be imbued with some magical essence that cannot be bought at any art store – that magical substance is … Continue reading Enhancing any experience with attention

Creators – What are your deep loves?

OVERWHELMED BY POSSIBILITIES As an artist it is overwhelming sometimes. I am interested in expressing so many subjects in so many styles and in so many moods. At times I flit between subjects never really going as deep as I would like. I feel I am surface – not able to commit to anything. This creates stress in me as I wish I could focus … Continue reading Creators – What are your deep loves?

Looking for Happiness

..aren’t we all?! But in an article from the magazine “Flow” last month I came across an idea that says we are actually unconsciously searching for excitement when we think we are looking for happiness. My interest was piqued! This struck a chord with me and I thought about the usual things I go to in search of happiness – music, drawing, reading a thriller … Continue reading Looking for Happiness