Watercolour Wonder

In our days choc full of information and fact how about we hop off this known merrygoround and splosh about with nameless shapes for a while. What better medium to use to do that than the mercurial watercolour. For it is only with watercolour that you can let the wildness in you flow freely. It runs, it bleeds and it explodes and unlike acrylic it … Continue reading Watercolour Wonder

Suffering from Spiritual Decay?

If the aftermath of the consuming frenzy that is Christmas has left you feeling bereft it is probably to be expected isn’t it? I mean – who or what can now fill that empty void left by the come-down after all that eating, receiving, drinking and general intaking of this massively emotional and frantic event. Well – you can take time to edify your poor … Continue reading Suffering from Spiritual Decay?

What Do You Most Want to Say?

In a recent creative book by the man who wrote fearless writing – I loved what he advised to writers. In a section on message he said you must ask yourself “What Do You Most Want to Say?” at every turn. Instead of waffling on vaguely he recommends really getting to the nub of what you want to convey. So – I apply the same … Continue reading What Do You Most Want to Say?

Process not Product

For me it’s the enjoyment of the process more and more. Mindfully musing and paying attention to what I draw or paint is a real joy and luxury. It yields spells of time where I can totally love what I am doing. Present moment awareness – that’s all we’ve ever got really and I think it does well to attend to the quality of your … Continue reading Process not Product

Nothing happening here

Move along please – nothing to see here. We are so hooked on sensationalism – I for one am edging more toward invisibility as time goes by. Quite happy in my own skin and not wanting to be noticed is a lovely feeling. That egoic need for approval, gratification and acknowledgement blissfully melts away as I get older. I have always preferred being a cog … Continue reading Nothing happening here

Getting to Grips with Semi-Abstraction

If you’d love to be able to paint a personal panorama as you view a lovely vista but don’t know where to start – sign up to my fortnightly art newsletter and CLAIM my nifty 1 page guide to semi-abstraction. Click the blue graphic below to claim it. It is an A4 printable PDF with the 5 steps I take to get from reality to … Continue reading Getting to Grips with Semi-Abstraction

Stay quiet, stay small, go deep

This is my morning mantra as I walked the dog around the fields. Feeling so lucky to be able to work online and not brave the traffic nightmare as I’ve done all my life. Being able to consider the depth of all things, even small things is a great gift which is coming to me more and more strongly this last month or so. What … Continue reading Stay quiet, stay small, go deep

Wandering in Nature with Pencil and Paper

Today whilst I walked my Jack Russell Tilly up the local recreation fields I had a bit of folded paper and pencil to hand. This is due to the fact that I always think of something good (or at least I hope it will be) to do with art, teaching or writing whilst doing the daily rounds of the grassy playing fields. The fields are … Continue reading Wandering in Nature with Pencil and Paper