Waste Not Want Not

Working as a freelance artist every little helps and so I have managed to not waste a single scrap of my A3+ sized archival Epson printing paper. At £35 a pack of 20 sheets you can see why. I use this paper exclusively to print my archival animal watercolours. For the last 5 years since I’ve been a self-employed artist selling on Etsy.com I’ve used … Continue reading Waste Not Want Not

Painting Birds in Watercolour

If you love animals and work in watercolour no doubt you will probably have tried painting birds. The endless array of species of beautiful birds will keep us painting for  a lifetime and watercolour lends itself perfectly to capture the feather colours and textures with ease. You can use flowing wet into wet techniques in the early stages of painting birds; adding darker colours to … Continue reading Painting Birds in Watercolour

Painting Dogs in Watercolour

Just lately I have been commissioned to paint a Chihuahua and an Alsatian (German Shepherd) in watercolour. I am a professional artist based in Pontypridd, South Wales, UK and take dog portrait commissions. If you would like more details please contact me – Alison Fennell – via my email – eastwitching@hotmail.com Prices start at £75 plus p&p for an original dog portrait at size 8×10 inches. … Continue reading Painting Dogs in Watercolour

Easy Like Sunday Morning…Not

It is only 10.30am and I have surpassed myself! Been up since about 5am doing lots of bits and bobs that needed doing like:- 1 Making new trace down graphite sheets for my students 2. Trying out new positions for me super duper studio light 3.Digging out huge old whiteboard ready to get my life into some semblance of order by writing everything down! 4 … Continue reading Easy Like Sunday Morning…Not

Tonal Studies – Not for the Faint-hearted!

Well we all love colour and detail and texture in paintings but that is all just decoration and frippery compared to the big boys of painting – the tonal masses! DEFINITION of a TONE (or VALUE as they say in the USA) : A tone is the relative lightness or darkness of an object irrespective of its actual colour. If you, at the outset of … Continue reading Tonal Studies – Not for the Faint-hearted!

Treat yourself to some art supplies!

Why not!? It’s an investment in yourself to get some new gear and supplies now and then. As I am teaching a lot now I have a perfect reason to go paint and equipment shopping! Top of my list this month was to treat myself to 2 brand spanking new Frank Webb watercolour palettes. My fist one bought 20 years ago is still in use … Continue reading Treat yourself to some art supplies!